The Childers/Childress Family Association is organized for the purpose of preserving the worth, dignity, and integrity of the Childers/Childress family name through research, promotion, and publications by, for, and about those that are descended from the families of Childers/Childress and variant spellings.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Association shall have the following powers and purposes:

a) To identify for genealogical purposes those families of the family surname.

b) To work with agencies concerned with the presentation and research of family histories.

c) To promote through positive action, cooperation, and articulation among individuals, families, institutions, groups, and agencies interested in the family.

d) To operate programs of action that are designed to bring about specific and concrete improvements in the family.

e) To preserve the integrity of the family name and serve as a voice for the family, stimulate desirable developments and speak against intolerable or threatening conditions.

f) To discover and disseminate information about the family.

g) To encourage and strengthen research and development of individual families.

h) The Association shall have all powers and authority generally confirmed on nonprofit
Corporations under the laws of the State of Georgia not inconsistent with the purposes set out above.

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