The Childers/Childress Family Association was formed in 1982 and is the repository and clearinghouse for information on the Childers and Childress surname(s) and various other spellings of the name. These families are in or from England and the United States and Canada.

The purpose of the Association is to promote research and to preserve the history of our families. We are using previously published books, monographs, family papers, family bibles, and other literature for our files to increase our database for the common good and preservation of the history of the Family. A number of documents relating to specific lineages or to information about the Family members in a specific state have been published and are available from the Association at nominal cost.

The Childers/Childress Newsletter is published quarterly and is mailed to all CFA Members. Any information that you have and would like to share may be submitted for inclusion in the Newsletter and for our data bank. The Newsletter is included in the membership dues.

Annual dues for the Association are $15.00 for the member, $10.00 for the spouse, and $1.00 for each child or grandchild under age 18. All members are listed in the Registry, Annual Member List, and receive a certificate of membership, a membership card, The Registry, the Childers/Childress Newsletter, and substantial discounts on publications of CFA.

The Annual Meeting of the Association is held each year, usually in October. Other meetings may be held at other times and sites during the year.

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